Although the 25-year-old Stockholm native has just landed two new international modeling contracts and was selected as Sweden’s representative for Miss Earth 2020, she admits that it’s her bachelor’s in Business Administration and Finance that generates the most surprise among fans.

“Today, we have a huge problem in that beauty and modeling often are connected to a lack of intelligence, independence, and education when it comes to women,” she rightly points out. Gabriella says that she’s met with shock when she tells others about her degree from Stockholm University.

If you’re one of her nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram — which she personally manages — then you’ve certainly noticed Gabriella’s empowering captions beneath her stunning photographs. “This is something I want to communicate with my social media: nothing is impossible and you, as a woman, don’t have to choose one way or another; you can be the best of all worlds at the same time.”