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Fourth of July Alternative to burgers and hot dogs

If you are one of millions that gained some weight during the quarantine, this super easy and delicious Club Sandwich recipe might be the perfect alternative to the traditional burgers and hot dogs most Americans grill every year to celebrate the Holiday. Chef Leticia Maia cooked up this recipe during a Live Instagram Show @radiofloridabr and here it is:

-Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

-Cream Cheese

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-Caramelized Onions


Grilled Chicken Breast (you can use leftover pieces from a previous bbq!)



-Reduced Balsamic Vinegar

How to make it:

Get one toasted slice of bread and spread the cream cheese mixed with small pieces of arugula

Add one slice of ham and a few chunks of chicken on another slice of toasted bread, plus the basil, tomatoes and onions.

Pile them up and top them with the third slice of bread. Cut it in four small squares, use a toothpick and a cherry tomato to hold them together.

Serve with potato chips.

The perfect Summer drink to go with it:

Light Clericot:

-One bottle of rose or white wine

-Diet Sprite

-Raspberries or strawberries and chunks of orange.

Mix everything in a jar with lots of ice and enjoy!