Modelling is not for the faint of heart. You get to work with all the popular clothing brands, go for photoshoots, take part in adverts, and live a very interesting professional life. But, modelling is not for everyone, especially since you have to be bold and know the ins-and outs of modelling – apart from just looking good. This is Michaela calling, and she makes sure you know it.

From a very young age, Michaela has been working hard to get her name out there in the modelling field. Be it photoshoots, runway gigs, or any other creative roles, you would find her there, anything she could do to become a sensation in the modelling industry. Sure she was given incentives to grow fast, work under others to be popular, but Michaela had different things in her mind all together. She wanted to be a self made modelling success and a famous name in the industry. At the age of just 23, she had made her presence known. Michaela V is now known among some of the most popular models all while also running a fabulous luxury shoe line named after her.

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