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SHANGHAI, Jan. 12, 2021 /CNW/ -- Human Horizons, an industry-leading new mobility and autonomous-driving research company, presented the HiPhi X Super SUV at the 2021 International New Energy Vehicle & Connected Mobility Show in Hainan. The exhibition is the first auto show of the year and an opportunity for Human Horizons to showcase their achievements and announce that the first 3,000 units of the Founder Edition will soon be sold out. Fully equipped with the latest technical functionality, the HiPhi X has all the trimmings of a luxury car combined to establish a new category of vehicles, TECHLUXE®.

The four-day event held from January 8-11 featured some of the world's largest carmakers. Located between the BMW, Volvo, and Tesla exhibits, the HiPhi X put on an impressive display as it danced along to a rendition of "I Love You China" and a special Christmas number. These kinds of performances are made possible through programmable and customizable software that connects via H-SOA to the Pixel Matrix Lighting (PML) and unique wing doors. Such performances can be designed and shared amongst users as part of HiPhi's mission to create a 'software-defined vehicle'.

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