After a couple stumbled across a strange sight while walking the beach, the blue and yellow surfboard became like a message in a bottle—and they had to know its origins.

It all started when Lee Brogan had been “wiped out” by a massive wave while surfing off the Yorkshire coast in England last year and watched in agony as his surfboard disappeared into the ocean.

He had given up hope of ever being reunited with his 10-year-old board but luckily a young couple found it—some 400 miles away.

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Stephanie Riise, 22, and Jake Anderson, 23, were hiking on the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland when they spotted the nine-foot board and decided to investigate further.

The Walden board, which costs between £800 and £1,200, was marooned off shore on some gravel but was completely intact.

“Our interest was piqued at that point and we were just wondering where it had come from, how far it had travelled, who lost it, what story was behind it,” said Stephanie, from Shetland.