Demi Moore, 59, poses on a paddleboard in a black bikini

Demi Moore, 59, poses on a paddleboard in a black bikini

The star recently spoke about wanting older women to embrace their bodies.

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Demi Moore is catching some rays during the final days of summer.

The Ghost star, 59, took to Instagram on Friday to share two photos of herself lounging on a board while sporting a black bikini. She captioned the post, “Paradise found in @andieswim,” referencing the swimwear company she has often collaborated with.

Moore’s bikini post was commented on by some of her Hollywood peers. Melanie Griffith wrote, “Hottie,” while producer Heather Parry added, “Nice suit!”

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Moore’s passion for posing in swimwear isn’t just about embracing summer vibes. In fact, she recently told People that her continued work with Andie Swim was all about showing that women over a certain age could still enjoy their looks.

"For me, a big part about what was inspiring about this Andie collection was thinking about the things that women feel sensitive about, whether it's their tummy or other areas of the body," Moore explained. "They don't want to look matronly or not feel sexy or desirable. That was really something in my own mind, which is changing this idea that we become less desirable as we get older."

Though she may seem confident on social media, she noted of posing for the swimsuit line, "I probably fit into the category that has not been the most confident about my body. And I think that part of even doing a [swimwear] shoot, no matter what, it is extremely vulnerable.”

Last year, Moore reflected on a different kind of photoshoot: her 1991 maternity shoot with Vanity Fair. At the time, Moore was pregnant with her daughter Scout, now 31.

Speaking to Naomi Campbell on the supermodel’s YouTube series No Filter, Moore said, "I understand what impact it had on the world. On women, on our permission to embrace ourselves in a pregnant state. But it was a moment that I was taking to really be in myself and be expressing myself and not trying to be anything other than me.”

She added, “I do realize that that was a moment of recognition that I do think helped move me down the path of being able to step into owning who I am.”