California-based company Polydrops has come up with an ingenious trailer made for electric vehicles and it sure looks a lot like Tesla's Cybertruck. It's called the P17A camper and it's equipped with floor integrated batteries that provide 12kWh of electricity.

Anybody who has ever tried carrying a trailer with an electric vehicle knows that you run out of juice pretty fast. So Polydrops decided to put the juice in the trailer.

The firm also added 520W of solar panels on the trailer's roof for more power. Polydrops prides itself on providing "sustainable energy" and even adds that the vehicle has "all components including a 5000BTU air conditioner and heater."

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The inside of the camper fits two people comfortably and has everything a couple could desire: a big comfy mattress, charging sockets, and a kitchenette module accessible from the inside as well as outside. Does anyone want to cook under the stars?